Kohta Ikegami

Assistant Professor

Molecular Cardiovascular Division, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center


Kaleigh Loveless


The University of Cincinnati, Biomedical Engineering

Mason Griffith

Research Assistant

Mason is originally from Pikeville, Kentucky. He graduated in May of 2020 from EKU with a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology, as well as attained minors in Anthropology and Chemistry. Mason has a passion for molecular mechanisms and loves to study diseases. Whenever he isn’t in the lab he likes to hike, write poetry, and attend drag shows.

Kumar Bogireddi

Research Assistant

Former lab members

  • Omar Almakki (2018-2021, Undergrad, U Chicago)
  • Sunny Liu (2019-2020, Undergrad, U Chicago => Duke Med School)
  • Natalia Ayres (2018-2020, Undergrad, U Chicago)
  • Vera Beilinson (2018-2019, Undergrad, U Chicago => CalTech PhD)
  • Alexis Stutzman (2016-2018, Undergrad, U Chicago => UNC Chapel Hill PhD)
  • Stefano Secchia (2015-2016, Visiting master student, U Chicago => EMBL PhD)
  • April Liang (2013-2015, Undergrad, Princeton => UCSF Med School)