Kohta Ikegami, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Molecular Cardiovascular Division, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center


Melanie Gucwa, B.S.

Research Assistant

Melanie is originally from Chicago, IL and received her Bachelor’s degree in biology from Carthage College. Her passions are in molecular biology and understanding new laboratory techniques in biomedical research. She joined the Ikegami lab in September 2022, and her work focuses on constructing a new method to obtain single cell information in complex tissues such as heart tissue. Outside of the lab, she enjoys going to museums and experiencing new things with friends and family.

Briana Thomas, B.S.

Research Assistant

Briana is a graduate from the University of Cincinnati with a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology. She has a passion for molecular biology, and understanding the pathology of various diseases. Outside of the lab, she enjoys being outdoors, reading comic books, and trying new things. 

Kumar Bogireddi, M.S.

Research Assistant

Kumar received Master in Science (M.S.) in Molecular Biology from Umea University, Sweden. His research interest is the pathological mechanisms of laminopathies, a group of degenerative diseases caused by nuclear lamin gene mutations. The long-term goal is to find new treatment strategies for laminopathies. 

Atsuki En, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow

Atsuki joined the Ikegami lab in 2022. Atsuki completed his Ph.D. at Yokohama City University in Japan.

Former lab members

  • Bo Stoll (2022, SURF student, Thomas More University)
  • Kaleigh Loveless (2021-2022, University of Cincinnati Biomedical Engineering CO-OP student)
  • Mason Griffith (2021, Research Assistant, CCHMC)
  • Omar Almakki (2018-2021, Undergrad, U Chicago)
  • Sunny Liu (2019-2020, Undergrad, U Chicago => Duke Med School)
  • Natalia Ayres (2018-2020, Undergrad, U Chicago)
  • Vera Beilinson (2018-2019, Undergrad, U Chicago => CalTech PhD)
  • Alexis Stutzman (2016-2018, Undergrad, U Chicago => UNC Chapel Hill PhD)
  • Stefano Secchia (2015-2016, Visiting master student, U Chicago => EMBL PhD)
  • April Liang (2013-2015, Undergrad, Princeton => UCSF Med School)